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My battery isn't working

The most common cause is that the battery has been turned off.

To turn your battery on (or off), press the button 5 times within 2 seconds. If the problem still exists, please visit one of our stores or get in touch

My e-liquid tastes burnt when using my e-cigarette

This usually means that your coil is at the end of it’s life. We recommend changing a coil every 2-3 weeks or 4-5 bottles of e-liquid, whichever comes first.

The e-liquid in your tank may also be burned so replacing this with fresh liquid is advised.

NO ATOMIZER or ATOMIZER SHORT message appears on e-cigarette's LCD screen

These messages are given when the battery cannot send any power to your coil.

This can be caused when the coil is at the end of it’s life or if it is screwed in too tightly or not enough.

The LED on my USB charger is green but the batter isn't charging

This indicates a fault with the charger or a fault with the battery.

Test the battery with another charger to see if the same occurs. If it does then the most likely cause is a bad connection between the charger and the battery’s centre-pin connector. We recommend visiting one of our stores with the battery so we can assess it.

Why has my e-liquid changed colour / gone dark?

This usually happens for two reasons:

  1. Exposure to sunlight can change the colour of e-liquid. This is normal and will not affect the quality or taste of the e-liquid.
  2. Your coil is at the end of it’s life. It is safe to continue to vape but the quality and/or taste may be affected.
ATOMIZER LOW message appears on my devices LCD screen

This means your battery isn’t powerful enough to run the coil in your tank.

Your tank may support a higher OHM coil however you may need a more powerful battery / mod.

My device doesn't work but the LCD screen illuminates when charging

Try a different charging cable and mains adapter. If the problem continues this suggests the device’s circuit board has become damaged and will need replacing.

I get e-liquid in my mouth when taking a drag

This is most often caused by over filling your tank which floods your coil. You can resolve this by using pipe cleaners or tissue to dry the centre tube of your tank.

If the problem persists this could be caused by a coil at the end of it’s life or a damaged tank.